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Fantastic! /.-) Thanx for developing this little masterpiece!

this game can't get any better

wow this game is so cool!!! it felt so fun to wander around and just check out the messages! the ending was pretty cool too :D

A beautiful game. We enjoyed it very much.

Here is a video we made while playing:

Keep up the good work!!!


Such a cool, gorgeous and trippy game! :P

Had a lot of fun playing it! Keep on rocking!


truly an amazing game, i love all the detail put into it and the little voids you can go too. good job for making a extremely chill game that'll still keep ya entertained


what's this imposter softbleach

This needs AZERTY support on linux. Looks cool, but playing with the wrong keyboard is annoying.

Nice game and cool visual effects

this is really cool

Very nice!

Good pacing and progression. Cool ambience. Elegant visuals. Interesting story and environment.

This was really something :) 

Wow, that was one hell of an experience playing that and you can watch the video here.

Well done dude for developing a great little adventure.


Hello! I really enjoyed your game, it was gorgeous looking and had a great atmosphere as well as an interesting story that had me hooked! I made a let's play of it here~

Absolutely amazing game! had great fun playing this, the weird atmosphere gave it a retro yet unique feel to it, loved it!

Also Made a youtube video on it, enjoy! :)

Amazing atmosphere!

You likely need to add a caution to the page that this game needs to be completed in noe sitting since there's no save. That makes it kind of tough to get through. Otherwise, it's a great experience.

Hey Nezchan, a save game option was included in the latest update.

Thank you so much. This blew my mind.

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Deeply gorgeous and amazing game! I've felt like being drawn into an unique world! Here's my let's play of it :) EditDeleteReply

I stumbled upon this game by accident , looking for an idea for a video.

And I was not disappointed! This game is beautiful and interesting, I love the graphism.

Enjoy my discover, if you want. And thank you again for the experience :) Keep going!

While my playthroygh was short due to my pc lagging, I really enjoyed this game. It's very trippy and I love the colors! I intend to continue this let's play as soon as I fix my lagging issue! Please keep making amazing games :)

The story is not very engaging, the gameplay is kinda boring but i fucking love the art style man! The game looks SO DAMN GOOD! I love it!





This was a trippy playthrough :) I liked the scenery and twist ending ^^

I also am among the crowd that made let's plays of this game >.> Hope I did it justice!

Outstanding! I'm glad I downloaded it after the sprint option had been added, though. But gave me a serious case of the "whoas" and the "creepies". Those are good things.


Had a great time peeling back the story's layers while wandering this strange alien land. That sense of rising tension and dread as you progress was thanks both to the astounding visuals (the void is both pretty and foreboding) and the excellent music behind it all.

Brought to mind some of the experiences from Kitty Horrorshow, of being a stranger in a strange land. Great work- good luck on your future projects!


Thanks for the feedback! Glad you enjoyed it. Nice video as well!

Really good 3d modelling, I enjoy this game, give me a sort of good relax, thanks for this beautiful game!

What a wonderful experience! Thank you for creating it. I had a great time and will come back to this again.

Beautiful! I wish for a jetpack outside of the structures though...

Really nice game! Download it and play is please the visuals are awesome ! but be careful i got a headache after a longer amount of time playing this game ^^


Played it all the way through. Excellent visuals and definitely pulls off a mysterious vibe. Could use a faster walk/run speed. Crossing some of the distances took quite awhile. Some other interactions/mechanics outside of just the journal entries would be great as well.

Thanks for the feedback! I can add a sprint and maybe increase the walk speed as well.